The Swillerz are more than just your average rock band.  They're one of the most eclectic musical experiences you'll find this side of the Mississippi.  Combining elements of Punk, Rockabilly, Reggae and good ol' Rock n' Roll, you can't quite put a finger on how to classify them, you'll just keep coming back for more.

Hailing from the streets of the Legendary San Francisco music scene, the band was formed in the 2000's by founding Member Jim Bushneff and Steve Harang.  The line up was rounded out by the earth moving rhythm section of Joe Medina on bass and Rich Campos on drums.

The band quickly made a name for themselves, sharing the stage with legendary acts such has Helmet, Agent Orange, Gutter Mouth and Social Unrest.  They released their debut EP "Haze the Hides" in 2012 to positive critical reviews.  It's been called "intense and raw, yet has a subtle honesty to it that's really hard to find in music from this generation".

The Swillerz continue to win audiences over, one performance at a time, and look to unleash new sonic fusions on the publics' collective ear hole in 2016!
'Haze the Hides' Released 2012 - Available Worldwide

Jim Bushneff - Vocals
Steve Harang - Guitars
Rich Campos - Drums
Joe Medina - Bass


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"The Swillerz EP is one of my favorite releases this year. It's amazing on so many layers and is destined to become a record I come back to over and over again.

It's intense and raw, yet has a subtle honesty to it that's really hard to find in music from this generation. It takes me back to the first time I heard Social Distortion or Black Flag, and my heart skipped a beat because artists like The Swillerz mean business....they stick it in your ears and it's a moment that will forever be imbedded as, that's the day I found The Swillerz.

This will be in my top five releases of 2012."

-Tony DuShane (San Francisco Chronicle)

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